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We are a Singapore Dive Centre that specialises in diving courses, dive equipment and dive travel. Not only are we passionate about what we do, we also strive to bring maximum entertainment within the parameters of safety guidelines. Our objective is not only that our divers have a great time with us, but that they will adopt attitudes of better respect and appreciation of the ocean and its life.

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Scuba diving is an amazing thing. It is like going to space for an hour. To begin your journey, the SSI Open Water Diver course is the way to go. It is your ticket to the underwater world!

The SSI Open Water Diver course consists of 3 parts: Academic, Pool training and Open sea dives.

Featured SSI Specialty Programs

Gill Divers Dive Courses Featured SSI Specialty Deep Diving

Deep Diving

Many great dive sites around the world are in slightly deeper waters. To fully explore these sites, you will need to right knowledge and skills to plan and execute deep dives safely.

Gill Divers Dive Courses Featured SSI Specialty Shark Diving

Shark Diving

Sharks are fascinating creatures and the SSI Shark Diving speciality course teaches you the truth about sharks , the right techniques when meeting sharks and how you can protect them.

Gill Divers Dive Courses Featured SSI Specialty Course buoyancy

Perfect Buoyancy

Having good buoyancy is the hallmark of a good diver. Improving your buoyancy would also improve the overall enjoyment of your dives and also help better protect the environment.

Gill Divers Dive Courses Featured SSI Specialty Science of Diving

Science of Diving

Being a great diver involves more than just having the skills in the water but also having deep knowledge on various aspects of dive theory. The SSI Science of Diving speciality does just that.

Gill Divers Dive Courses Featured SSI Specialty Course EAN Enriched Air Nitrox

EAN Nitrox

If having a longer no-decompression time, being able to get back in the water sooner all while being safer underwater sounds appealing to you, the SSI EAN Nitrox Speciality is for you.

Gill Divers Dive Courses Featured SSI Specialty Course Deep Diving

Search and Recovery

Whether it is searching for treasure from an ancient wreck, or retrieving your dive buddy’s lost weight belt, having adequate search and recovery skills can be useful.




Tioman Island is one of Malaysia most popular island, where the white sand beaches overhung by towering palm trees are lapped by clear, calm, and warm water teeming with all sorts of tropical marine life.

Tioman, Malaysia

In the mid-1960’s in Anilao, a whole coral reef was transplanted onto a large rock formation close to the shore. As a result, diving has developed and is at the forefront of the industry in the Philippines, Anilao, to this day.

Anilao, Philippines

Tenggol, Malaysia

Pulau Tenggol is one of the most beautiful islands in east cost of Malaysia; know for its perfect waters warmed by South China Sea. The small and compact island of Pulau Tenggol is a forgotten gem set in the clear blue waters of the South China Sea-

An emerald of deep, green forested interior flanked by white powder beaches and beautiful reefs.This natural island with beaches saturated with pristine warm water is a divers’ and snorkels’ paradise.


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See things in another perspective

Having your own equipment would help you enjoy your dive in numerous ways! You would feel more comfortable, confident and safer in the water… not to mention look better in all the pictures and videos.

We believe that diving should be as safe as possible and part of that involves having the right equipment for you. At Gill Divers, we offer a wide range of equipment from well-known brands like Poseidon, Scubapro, Mares, Seac, Suunto, Gull, Tusa, Aropec, Zeagle, Halcyon, Gul and many many more. Check out our store today!

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