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Travel Guard lets you travel the world in complete freedom, knowing you have the most comprehensive protection. Be it for a short business trip or extended family holiday, Per Trip or Annual Multi-Trip, you can choose your plan from the widest range of benefits and services.


Testimonial of satisfied Open Water Diver Customer - Jill H from France

With Travel Guard, I don’t have to worry about my dive holidays and can enjoy to the max! Dive travel insurance has never been so straight-forward, comprehensive yet affordable before. Saves time, money and worries.

Jill H (France)
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One hotline for all your needs

You’ll feel more assured knowing help is just a phone-call away. Whether it’s a medical emergency or information about your destination, one easy number is all you need for:
• 24-hour Medical & Emergency Assistance
• 24-hour Travel Information


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Security Assistance

red24 in partnership with Travel Guard offers all Insured and their family members security advice and guidance from trained security specialists.


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Online Security Information & Advice

• Personal Security
A detailed web resource with online preventative security advice ranging from stalking to advice on identity theft, in order to prevent you from being a victim.


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Real Time Country Profiles

Online country profiles constantly updated with information to aid personal security whilst abroad. Security threats, political stability, travel logistics, important contacts and cultural considerations all form part of every profile.

With its comprehensive coverage as highlighted below, many travellers rely on Travel Guard every year to meet their travel protection needs.


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Premiums (SGD $)
Travel Guard Premiums starting from SGD 25

Travel Guard Classic

from SGD 25

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Travel Guard Superior

from SGD 32

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Travel Guard Premier

from SGD 45

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Travel Guard Coverage
Your Travel Guard Advantage

Summary of travel benefits including:

  • Unlimited Medical & Accident Dental Expenses For Premier Plan
  • Reimburses your approved claims from the first dollar.
  • Gives you unlimited Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Cover.
  • Covers all ages – from babies to senior citizens.
  • Includes all your eligible children, regardless of number, under the Family Plan.
  • War Inclusion
  • Acts of Terrorism are not excluded.
  • Baggage and Travel Delay claim whilst you are in Singapore and overseas for each full 6 consecutive hours
  • Flight diversion to another destination due to adverse weather conditions
  • Flight Overbooking
  • Covers medical expenses incurred overseas due to Pregnancy related sickness
  • Looks after you when you are hospitalised in Singapore
  • Reimburses you for your mobile telephone call charges incurred overseas
  • Automatic Extension of Policy due to Hospitalisation / Quarantine
  • Reassures you with up to S$1,000,000 protection whilst travelling on public transport overseas.
  • Protects your children’s needs with Child Education Grant.
  • Takes care of your non-recoverable payment in the event of a Travel Agency insolvency
  • Compensates you for loss of jewellery if you are robbed while travelling
  • Kidnap & Hostage
  • Supplementary Benefits such as Golf Advantage and PetCare.
  • Takes care of your rental vehicle excess for up to $750.
  • Provides cover for your household contents whilst you are away.
  • Provides protection for unlimited trips on the Annual Plan.
  • Protects you while you enjoy leisure amateur sporting sports, such as scuba diving, water sports, winter sports, skydiving, mountaineering, rock-climbing and trekking.


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Travel Guard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A. Choice of Plan

Q: What is special about the Premier Plan?

For a small investment, Premier Plan offers comprehensive benefits with higher limits. You will receive unlimited protection for medical expenses whilst overseas, double indemnity of as much as $1,000,000 for accidental death due to Public Transport accident, unlimited evacuation benefits as well as many benefits as listed.

B. Application

Q: How soon can I activate Travel Guard?

Travel Guard can be activated up to 30 days prior to departure from Singapore.

Q: How can I activate Travel Guard if I am departing over the weekends / after office hours?

You can activate Travel Guard through our online Buy Now portal. Activation is immediate once your credit card is approved.

Q: Can an authorised representative apply for Travel Guard on my behalf after my departure from Singapore?

No. Travel Guard must be activated before departure from Singapore.

Q: When is the coverage for the Travel Guard policy effective?

The “Travel Cancellation” benefit is effective 30 days before your departure or on your date of application, whichever is later.

“Accidental Death & Permanent Disablement” benefit will be effective 3 hours before you depart Singapore. The coverage of these 2 benefits ends on whichever of the following events occurs first:
a) the expiry of the period specified in the Policy
b) your return to your place of permanent residence or
c) within 3 hours upon your arrival in Singapore
All other benefits will be provided only when you are abroad.

Q: I’m holding a one-way ticket, can I purchase Travel Guard?

Yes. However, please take note that :
* you must leave Singapore directly to your country of residence
* you are covered only within airport transit area during stopovers/ transfers

Q: Can I buy more than one Travel Guard policy for the same trip?

You can only be covered by ONE Travel Guard policy for the same trip.

C. Medical Expenses

Q: I suffer from medical and physical conditions. Can I claim for medical/hospital and other related expense if I need treatment while on my trip?

No, the policy excludes pre-existing conditions i.e. any Sickness or Injury for which the Insured Person(s) contracted or was diagnosed or treated within a 12 month period prior to the policy effective date.

Q: Can I continue my medical treatment for injury sustained overseas, after my return to Singapore?

Yes. You have a maximum of thirty (30) days to continue treatment in Singapore or up to a maximum sum of S$50,000 for Premier Plan, S$25,000 for Superior Plan or S$12,500 for Classic Plan, whichever occurs first. The maximum amount payable for Insured Persons above 70 years of age is up to S$5,000 for Premier Plan, S$2,500 for Superior Plan or S$1,000 for Classic Plan.

Q: If I was ill overseas but did not seek medical treatment, can I do so upon my return to Singapore?

Yes. You may seek treatment in Singapore within one week of return to Singapore. You have a maximum of thirty (30) days to continue treatment in Singapore or up to a maximum sum of S$50,000 for Premier Plan, S$30,000 for Superior Plan or S$12,500 for Classic Plan, whichever occurs first. The maximum amount payable for Insured Persons over 70 years of age is up to S$5,000 for Premier Plan, S$2,500 for Superior Plan or S$1,000 for Classic Plan.

Q: Can I seek treatment from a herbalist, acupuncturist or bonesetter?

Yes. Such medical expense is payable up to a maximum of $500 per Accident.

Q: Are dental expenses covered?

Accidental dental expenses are covered, i.e. dental treatment that is necessarily incurred to restore sound and natural teeth following an Accident.

Q: I am pregnant, am I covered overseas for any pregnancy-related matters?

Yes, the policy will cover pregnancy-related issues, please refer to policy terms and conditions for exclusions.

Q: What is covered under “Hospital Visitation” ?

If You are hospitalised overseas for more than 5 days and medical condition forbids evacuation, and no adult family member is with You, We will pay the reasonable travel and hotel accommodation expenses incurred by one relative or friend of yours to stay with you until you return to Singapore.

Q: How can I claim for Emergency Telephone Charges?

We will reimburse You for telephone charges for medically related services incurred in contacting Travel Guard together with your medical receipts

D. Travel Cancellation / Curtailment

Q: I have booked a trip and now cannot travel because my employer has cancelled my leave – am I covered for travel cancellation?

No, the policy provides this coverage in the following events only:
• Death, Serious Injury or Serious Sickness or compulsory quarantine of Insured, spouse, child, parent, parent-in-law, grandparent, grandparent-in-law, grandchild, brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, travel companion.
• Unexpected outbreak of strike, riot, civil commotion at planned destination
• Serious damage to your residence from fire, flood or similar disaster within one week from departure
• Witness summons or jury service of Insured

Q: What are the circumstances that I will be covered for travel curtailment?

Travel Guard will provide coverage if you need to disrupt your trip and return to Singapore due to any of these circumstances:
• Upon suffering from a Serious Injury or a Serious Sickness.
• Hijacking of the aircraft in which you are on board as a passenger
• The unexpected death or Injury or Sickness of your spouse, child, parent, parent-in-law, grandparent, grandparent-in-law, grandchild, brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, travel companion.
• Natural disaster (typhoon, earthquake, etc) which prevent you from continuing your Trip.
• Unexpected outbreak of strike, riot, civil commotion.
This coverage shall extend to include expenses defined above resulting from extension of Trip due to quarantine upon medical advice.

Q: I have booked a trip to the U.S.A. but cannot get an entry visa, am I covered?

No, prohibition and regulations of countries are excluded.

Q: Will I be covered in the case of Travel Insolvency?

Travel Guard will cover up to the maximum benefit for loss of irrecoverable charges or deposit paid in advance.

E. Baggage

Q: If my belongings are left outside on a bench while I am in a queue are they covered if stolen?

No, you did not take all reasonable care of the property and it was left unattended.

Q: If I send a suitcase back to Singapore early, will it be covered?

No, unaccompanied baggage that is not checked in with the airline you are flying with is not covered.

Q: The original article was stolen while on the trip and the replacing article was lost a few days later – is the second article also covered?

Yes, provided proof of purchase and proof of loss can be provided for both occurrences.

Q: My jewellery was stolen during an overseas trip, will it be covered?

Travel Guard will compensate up to the limit of the chosen plan for loss of jewellery whilst overseas due to robbery.

F. Delays

Q: Is Baggage Delay at Singapore airport covered?

Yes. You are covered for baggage delays that occur overseas and in Singapore.

Q: Is Travel Delay covered in Singapore when my plane does not take off due to a mechanical failure?

Yes. You will be paid $100 for each 6 full consecutive hours of delay overseas or in Singapore.

Q: The flight I am on is diverted to another destination due to adverse weather conditions, am I covered?

Travel Guard pays $100 for each 6 full consecutive hours of delay.

Q: I am holding a confirmed ticket, but I was “bumped” off from the flight.

Travel Guard pays $100 in the event you failed to board the scheduled flight due to overbooking although You have a confirmed reservation from the airline for at least 6 consecutive hours

G. Personal Money

Q: The country where I was travelling suddenly devalued their currency and I am now $800 worse off – can I claim for the loss?

No, the Policy only covers you for loss of money due to theft, burglary or robbery.

Q: What should I do if I lose money whilst abroad?

You should report to the local police within 24 hours after the incident.

H. Supplementary Benefits

Q: What does Home Guard cover?

If you select the Premier or Superior Plan, you will receive this Bonus Cover which protects you against loss or damage to your household contents caused by fire in your residence that was left vacant throughout the Trip. The maximum amount payable per household is $5,000.

Q: Does Travel Guard cover events resulting from Acts of Terrorism?

Yes, for the limits & benefits specified in the policy.

I. Others

Q: Will “Double Indemnity” apply to death resulting from a motorcycle/bicycle accident?

No, Accidental Death & Permanent Disablement benefit will apply not in these cases.

Q: How do you define “Relative” under the Hospital Visitation and Child Guard benefits?

“Relative” refers to your spouse, child, parent. parent-in-law, grandparent, parent-in-law, great grandparent, great grandparent-in-law, grandchild, brother, sister, niece, nephew, auntie or uncle.

Q: Are sports such as mountaineering and rock climbing covered under Travel Guard?

All leisure amateur sports, including mountaineering, rock-climbing, winter and water sports are covered at no extra premium.
Participation in any professional sports or in any sport whereby the Insured Person(s) would or could earn or receive remuneration, donation, sponsorship or award of any kind is excluded.

Q: Are premiums refundable?

No refund of premiums will be allowed once the Travel Guard policy has been activated.

Q: How do I submit a Claim?

Refer to Claims Guide


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About Chartis

Chartis is one of the world’s leading property-casualty and general insurance organizations. Serving more than 40 million commercial and personal clients in more than 160 countries and jurisdictions, Chartis has a 90-year history, one of the industry’s ost extensive ranges of products and services, and excellent financial strength. Chartis enables its commercial and personal insurance clients alike to manage virtually any risk with confidence.

Chartis is the marketing name for the worldwide property casualty and general insurance operations of Chartis Inc. American Home Assurance Company, Singapore Branch, is a Chartis Company. Learn more about Cartis Company or Travel Guard.


The National Association of Travel Agents Singapore (NATAS) was founded in May 1979 and its vision is to be a world-class association leading and shaping the travel industry. As a national body, NATAS aims to represent all travel agents licensed by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB).

As an industry-lead body, the Association leads travel excellence by setting and regulating standards of professionalism and ethical conduct of its members. It is the voice of the industry and spearheads education and training. NATAS also aims to promote and foster goodwill, cooperation and understanding in the travel industry. Learn more about NATAS.

About DiveAsia NOW!

Our local Travel partner handles all our travel requirements to Asia’s many diving destinations including Sipadan, Manado, Donsol, Layang Layang, Similan, Phuket and more.

Dive Asia Now Pte Ltd is an active Singapore Tourism Board (STB) Travel Agent, license no. TA1940. Learn more about Dive Travel.


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