Diving Schedule

Our schedule diving trips throughout the region run all year round. Watch out for our monthly special to Prestigious Dive Destinations including Red Sea, South Africa, Galapagos, Qiandao Lake and Raja Ampat!! If nothing here fits you or your group, you can always drop us a call at (+65) 6734 9373, or email us (24 Hrs) at gillmen@gilldivers.com
and our friendly customer service executive will be at your assistance shortly.

Tioman Island

Weekly 3D2N Tioman trips are available from March-November, departing Singapore every Friday. Contact us for booking and for more details.

Bintan, Indonesia

Weekly 3D2N Bintan trips are available all-year round, departing Singapore every Saturday. Contact us for booking and for more details.

Available Courses:

Phuket, Thailand

Weekly 3D2N Phuket trips are available all-year round, best time to dive during November – March. Contact us for booking and for more details.

Available Courses:

MV Nautica

Weekly trips are available all-year round, destinations such as Tioman Malaysia, Anambas, Mapur and Riau Islands in Indonesia. Contact us for booking and for more details.

Available Courses:
Start DateEnd DateTripLocationStatus
1 Jan 20164 Jan 20164D3N Bali ScubaBali, IndonesiaAvailable
6 Feb 201611 Feb 20166D5N MV Scuba AdventureSimilan, ThailandAvailable
5 Feb 20169 Feb 20165D4N Bali ScubaBali, IndonesiaAvailable
19 Feb 201622 Feb 20164D3N Bali ScubaBali, IndonesiaAvailable
27 Feb 20162 Mar 20165D4N Pier Uno ResortAnilao, PhilippinesAvailable
11 Mar 201614 Mar 20164D3N Bali ScubaBali, IndonesiaAvailable
24 Mar 201627 Mar 20164D3N Island Beach ResortTenggol, MalaysiaAvailable
7 Apr 201610 Apr 20164D3N Island Beach ResortTenggol, MalaysiaAvailable
14 Apr 201617 Apr 20164D3N Bali ScubaBali, IndonesiaAvailable
16 Apr 201623 Apr 20168D7N MV MoonimaMaldivesAvailable
19 Apr 201625 Apr 20167D6N M/V PutirajaRaja AmpatAvailable
28 Apr 20162 May 20165D4N Evolution Dive ResortMalapascuaAvailable
29 Apr 20162 May 20164D3N Island Beach ResortTenggolAvailable
30 Apr 20165 May 20166D5N (1N Tawau) Borneo Divers Mabul ResortSipadanAvailable
1 May 20168 May 20168D7N MV Sting RayMaldivesAvailable
19 May 201622 May 20164D3N Bali ScubaBali, IndonesiaAvailable
19 May 201622 May 20164D3N Island Beach ResortTenggol, MalaysiaAvailable
19 May 201623 May 20165D4N Evolution Dive ResortMalapascuaAvailable
18 May 201623 May 20166D5N (1N Tawau) Borneo DiversSipadanAvailable
16 Jun 201619 Jun 20164D3N Island Beach ResortTenggol, MalaysiaAvailable
23 Jun 201626 Jun 20164D3N Bali ScubaBali, IndonesiaAvailable
1 July 20166 July 20166D5N CocotinosManado+LembehAvailable
14 July 201617 July 20164D3N Bali ScubaBali, IndonesiaAvailable
28 July 201631 July 20164D3N Island Beach ResortTenggol, MalaysiaAvailable
5 Aug 20169 Aug 20165D4N AvillionLayang LayangAvailable
5 Aug 20169 Aug 20165D4N Island Beach ResortTenggol, MalaysiaAvailable
5 Aug 20169 Aug 20165D4N Bali ScubaBali, IndonesiaAvailable
4 Aug 20159 Aug 20166D5N (1N Tawau) Borneo DiversSipadanAvailable
25 Aug 201628 Aug 20164D3N Bali ScubaBali, IndonesiaAvailable
9 Sept 201612 Sept 20164D3N Island Beach ResortTenggol, MalaysiaAvailable
8 Sept 201613 Sept 20166D5N Lumba LumbaPulau WehAvailable
8 Sept 201613 Sept 20166D5N Bali ScubaBali, IndonesiaAvailable
24 Sept 20161 Oct 20168D7N M/Y SachikaMaldivesAvailable
29 Sept 20162 Oct 20164D3N Bali ScubaBali, IndonesiaAvailable
14 Oct 201617 Oct 20164D3N Bali ScubaBali, IndonesiaAvailable
27 Oct 201630 Oct 20164D3N Island Beach ResortTenggol, MalaysiaAvailable
3 Nov 20166 Nov 20164D3N Bali ScubaBali, IndonesiaAvailable
19 Nov 201625 Oct 20167D6N M/V PutirajaRaja AmpatAvailable
23 Dec 201626 Dec 20164D3N Bali ScubaBali, IndonesiaAvailable
24 Dec 201631 Dec 20168D7N M/V MoonimaMaldivesAvailable
30 Dec 20164 Jan 20176D5N Manta Queen 5SimilanAvailable

All travel related services are organized by Dive Asia Now Pte Ltd (TA No.: 01940) acting as agent for the owners, contractors and suppliers providing ground transportation, hotel accommodations and all other related travel services.

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