Search and Recovery

SSI Specialty Courses

Whether it is searching for treasure from an ancient wreck, or retrieving your dive buddy’s lost weight belt, having adequate search and recovery skills can be useful.

This speciality will equip you with skills to employ different search patterns to plan search and recovery dives as a team. You will also learn how to use lift bags to recover heavy objects safely and securely to the surface.

What you will Learn:

  • Factors that Affect your Search and Recovery Operation
  • Planning and Organising your Search and Recovery Operation
  • Your Search Techniques
  • Your Recovery Techniques

Total Diving System Assembly, Check and Adjustment


Pre-dive check

Pool/Confined Water Skills

  1. Water Entry
  2. Guideline Setup
  3. Circular Search
  4. Expanding Rectangle Search
  5. Grid Search
  6. Lifting an Object

Pool Evaluation

Equipment Care and Maintenance

Total Diving System Assembly, Check and Adjustment



Search and Recovery Briefing

Pre-dive Check

Open Water Skills

  1. Dive Planning
  2. Water Entry
  3. The Dive
    1. Guideline Setup
    2. Circular Search
    3. Expanding Rectangle Search
    4. Marketing the Object
    5. Exiting the Water
    6. Equipment Handling


Total Diving System Assembly, Check and Adjustment

Search and Recovery Briefing

Dive Plan

Pre-dive Check

Open Water Skills

  1. Water Entry
  2. The Dive
    1. Lifting the object
    2. Securing the object
    3. Exiting the water
    4. Equipment maintenance and storage


Whats next?

The fun doesn’t need to stop there! With just a little more training, you can go even further – imagine diving in underwater shipwrecks, with sharks, or becoming an underwater photographer! It s your chance to move to the next level in your diving adventures.

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