Experience a whole new kind of diving. Bubble-less and silent, rebreathers can bring you even closer to marine life with the additional benefit of longer dive time. All it takes is that first step to try a rebreather today!

Amazed by divers that do not exhale bubbles and got closer to marine life? Try a rebreather today, all it takes is that first step towards a totally new experience of diving.

Learn how rebreathers can bring your memories that you'll never forget through longer bottom times and close marine life interactions! CCR Diving is your ticket to a totally new experience.

Your ticket to the underwater world. If you want to begin your journey in diving, the Rebreather Open Water Course is the place to start. Enjoy longer bottom time and get closer to marine life.

Rebreather Deep Diving Specialty Course allows you to stay even longer than your open circuit counterparts. Giving you more time to experience the wonders of scuba diving and marine life.

Try a

Diving with a rebreather is an entirely new experience. Sign up for a try out session today where you will get a glimpse of the rebreather experience.

Our rebreather of choice from Sep - Dec will be the Poseidon MkVI/Se7en!

All try out sessions will be held at:

Outram Secondary School Swimming Pool

3 York Hill,

Singapore 168622

CCR Diving
CCR Hypoxic Trimix

Experience the real benefits rebreathers are able to offer

Rebreathers offer a totally new world of scuba diving - Knowledge, Skills, Equipment and Experience! Making use of a static PO2, rebreathers are able to provide a constant best mix during your dive, giving you tons of benefits - longer bottom times, reduced decompression obligations and more efficient off-gassing gradient, just to name a few.

Contact us, and hear what we have to say with regards to the Rebreather Unit of Choice, course options and training we can offer based on you goals and dreams!

We offer crossovers on rebreather units for trained rebreather users looking to equip themselves with more units.

Open water rebreather diver

Already a certified
Open water diver?


Take the SSI Recreational Rebreather Open Water Diver Course to learn how a rebreather can extend your bottom time, and get you close to marine life. New equipment, new knowledge, new skills and a whole new experience in scuba diving.

Looking to get your open water diver certification?

ccr 1

Your ticket to the scuba diving world, by using the latest technology - rebreathers to teach you how to dive. Your experience will not only be different from your other open water diver counterparts, but also much more memorable.

SSI Recreational Rebreather qualifies you to dive to

  • Depths of 18 meters using air as a diluent
  • 1 Theory Session
  • 1 Pool Session
  • 2 Weekends onboard MV Nautica
Poseidon Se7en Rebreather

rebreather deep specialty diver

Already a open water rebreather diver?


curious how rebreather functions?


Increase your depth range up to 40 meters by taking the SSI Rebreather Deep Specialty Diver Course. Teaching you the use of bailout cylinders and the skills and dive planning considerations in deep diving.

This course can be taken by Open Water Rebreather Divers or Open Water Divers can take the SSI Recreational Rebreather Open Water Diver and SSI Rebreather Deep Specialty Diver combination.

SSI Rebreather Deep Specialty Diver qualifies you to dive to

  • Depths of 40 meters using air or trimix as a diluent
  • With no decompression obligation
  • 1 Theory Session
  • 1 Pool Session
  • 2 Weekends onboard MV Nautica
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