Phuket, Thailand

One of the best time to visit Phuket, Thailand is during the cool North-East monsoon season (November through March), when the cool breezes blow.
From Phuket, one can make a large range of choices to decide in making day trips to various beautiful dive sites around Thailand. In the list includes sites like Phi Phi Island, Shark Point, Racha Islands, The King Cruiser Wreck or even the West Coast with many more!
“The Nine Islands”, is located about 100km northwest of Phuket and is by far the most beautiful group of dive sites in Thailand. Being a national park, fishing is not allowed within the area and therefore fishes and other marine life thrive under the circumstances, making it one of the world’s best dive sites. Without any land based resorts, divers and tourists visiting the islands can choose to stay in liveaboards. Marine life to expect would be the tropical fishes like lion-fishes or anemone fishes. Occasionally you may chance upon a leopard shark or two, or if you’re lucky enough, maybe a whale shark!



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Diving Information

Dive Season

The best period for Phuket and the islands in the region like Similan would be during October to May, although diving is still available all year round. Visibility is best during those eight months but overall it remains at least 15m most of the time, which is still pretty good!

Reef Basics

Great forHighlightsDepthVisibilityCurrentsSurface conditionsWater temperatureExperience levelRecommended Length of stay
Open Water, Advanced, PhotographyCow tail rays, leopard sharks, whalesharks, tropical fish, fire gobies.5 – >40m15 – 30mCan be strongCalm24 – 29°CBeginner – Advanced3 – 5 days

Getting There

2 hours from Singapore to Phuket, Thailand, by plane


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