The spectacular variety of marine life
is what keeps divers coming back.


Diving in Thailand has blossomed into a world-class experience, giving you the sight your eyes would want to see on Earth. From different species of marine life and corals, tourists can definitely give a five-star review to its diving destinations. The colourful soft corals, sea fans, small caves and wide variety of fish and macro critters are some things to be expected in Thailand’s finest spots.

Get a chance to meet and observe a wide variety of marine life in the renown dive spot in the world. Some of the most awaited scenes are swimming turtles, manta rays, harmless reef sharks and multi colored tropical fishes. Included in the list are barracudas, lionfish, seahorse, stonefish and many others. Another drawbacks for divers who keep diving back to Thailand are many species of fish mollusk, sponge, worms, crustaceans, echinoderms with notable species like dolphins.

Thailand is blessed with very fine coral reefs which is far better than the others in the world. Differing in size, species diversity and conditions, corals are still guaranteed to be amazing. Seagrasses are also present in the view which plays as another habitat for some marine animals like Dugong and a number of marine species, using these places for feeding.

Memorable diving experience from Thailand’s tempting and mind blowing dive spots can be achieved in the best conditions. Having two main diving areas, Andaman Sea (West Coast) and Gulf of Thailand(East Coast), there is also two differing diving season. On the west, it has a tropical and mostly hot and humid weather with water temperature of 21°C. Tourists can go diving from November ti April with December and January being the busiest months because of the very good visibility in that time. On the Other hand, Gulf of Thailand’s best time to visit is on May to August when the weather is not too hot. Gazing the beauty the underwater, you will surely enjoy everything on the picture with the water visibility ranging from 10 up to 40 meters.

CurrencyThai Baht (THB)
Electricitytwo-prong round plug
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy Under Military Junta
TimezoneUTC +7
Calling Code+66
Network ProvidersAIS, dtac, truemove H, My, TOT
National AirlineThai Airways

Similan Island, Thailand

Featured Destinations

Similan Islands, or “The Nine Islands”, is located about 100km northwest of Phuket and is by far the most beautiful group of dive sites in Thailand. Being a national park, fishing is not allowed within the area and therefore fishes and other marine life thrive under the circumstances, making it one of the world’s best dive sites. Without any land based resorts, divers and tourists visiting the islands can choose to stay in liveaboards. Marine life to expect would be the tropical fishes like lionfishes or anemone fishes. Occasionally you may chance upon a leopard shark or two, or if you’re lucky enough, maybe a whale shark!


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Thailand Diving Trips

Gill Divers Dive trips Thailand phuket

Diving in Phuket

From Phuket, one can make a large range of choices to decide in making day trips to various beautiful dive sites around Thailand. In the list includes sites like Phi Phi Island, Shark Point, Racha Islands, The King Cruiser Wreck or even the West Coast with many more!

Gill Divers Dive trips Thailand similan

Diving in Similan Island

Similan Islands, or “The Nine Islands”, is located about 100km northwest of Phuket and is by far the most beautiful group of dive sites in Thailand. Being a national park, fishing is not allowed within the area and therefore fishes and other marine life thrive under the circumstances…

Gill Divers Dive trips Thailand koh tao

Diving in Koh Tao

Koh Tao is an island located near the eastern shore of the Gulf of Thailand. The economy of Koh Tao is almost exclusively centered around tourism, scuba diving in particular. The island was named Koh Tao (turtle island in Thai) for its turtle-like geographic shape…

Gill Divers Dive trips Thailand krabi

Diving in Krabi

Krabi Province is one of the most beautiful destinations located in the southern part of Thailand. It is packed with spectacular scenery and pristine beaches that provides a warm and friendly atmosphere to everyone on Krabi. Krabi town is very close to the river mouth…


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