Unlike Malaysia, Singapore is not very affected by the North East monsoon during the months of November to February so Pulau Hantu is an ideal dive site all year round. Do expect to find plenty of hard and soft corals, especially mushroom corals.

Pulau Hantu | Dive Travel Singapore

Diving in Pulau Hantu

Hantu Island (or Pulau Hantu, as it is known locally) is located in Singapore waters, just a short boat ride off the southwest coast of Singapore. With 2 individual islands, Hantu Besar (Big Ghost) and Hantu Kecil (Small Ghost), visitors can actually walk between the islands during low tide. Although Pulau Hantu is located in the close vicinity of Pulau Bukom’s refineries, they still boast a very rich reef collection, popular amongst snorkelers and divers alike.


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We offer flexibility on both timing as well as dive activities. With 4 departures every weekend, you can pick and choose the slots which best suit your schedule. From Open Water, Advanced and Rescue courses to Leisure dives and dive specialities, all the main dive activities are accessible to everyone.


Diving in Pulau Hantu involves short day trips over the weekend; no commitment of leave and overnight stay is required.

AM Slot- (Saturday & Sunday)PM Slot- (Saturday & Sunday)
0645Meet at RSYC
0700Depart for Pulau Hantu
0815Dive 1
0915Light Refreshment
1000Dive 2
1115Depart for RSYC
1245Meet at RSYC
1300Depart for Pulau Hantu
1415Dive 1
1515Light Refreshment
1600Dive 2
1700Depart for RSYC
Hantu Island | Dive Travel Singapore



  • Hantu Besar hosts 2 swimming lagoons with public toilet facilities for visitors.
  • With sheltered waters and sandy white beaches
  • Hantu island attracts even campers and day-trippers just to get away from the city bustle
  • No resorts available for visitors intending to stay over.
Leisure Diving

Leisure Diving

SGD 99

1 slot- up to 2 dives (Inclusive of Equipment Rental)

Open Water Diving Course

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